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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 13, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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your husband is leaving the fire line? >> the loss of privacy is profound and public job especially at a time of national crisis. we have missed him at so many family occasions. i look forward to him being more available. >> chris: while her husband will be looking for a new job, carol plans on keep helping people that have suffered a loss. she is already writing a new book. >> when they come in depressed, undone in some way and being able to help them, it's wonderful. >> chris: carol geithner says the new book is named at older teens while there is another death it it goes beyond the issue of grief. we'll see you next fox news sunday.
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>> this is the fox report, movement to tell you about tonight. in the debate over gun control. as we wait to hear what the white house will do next, we know we're just about 48 hours away from the big reveal of what a task force recommends. question, will the president listen to the recommendations? what could a new gun law look like? we're starting to hear new predictions from people to power and close to the issues. >> but i would say that the likelihood is that they're not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban here. >> i think the nation's ready for a ban on assault weapons. >> harris: armed with fightlifighting words as the showdown with the right to freedom to bear arms. ap what's inside the gun
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control debate? and going after cyber terrorists based overseas. the latest trend to protect companies here at home from being robbed of their best ideas and innovations. also, this is probably not the reaction the kremlin expected when it recently banned americans from adopting children. now, russians in the streets of moscow with a message for president putin. i'm harris falkner, we begin tonight with the constitution, and our second amendment rights, which were front and center on this sunday. our elected leaders, crisscrossing the talk shows, the nation's gun lobby and n.r.a. expressing confidence that an assault weapons ban already being talked about in washington will not make it through congress. the n.r.a. is standing by over concerns of a meeting with vice-president joe biden saying the obama
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administration needs to stop focusing solely on guns and gun owners. >> we wish instead of talking about guns specifically, that t they would have addressed what will we do in the future. what will we do about a broken mental health system that allows people potentially violent to be on the streets? >> and a liberal think tank weighing in for the first time shall the center for american progress announcing it's joining a full scale campaign to push for more gun control laws. >> the organizations will be working to work in the states, and ensure at that we have the voice and really have the american people and really gun owners who listen to the proposals, their voices at the table as well. >> harris: all of this in the wake of a week long series of meetings hosted by the vice-president as he puts together a plan to curb violence, he says. we expect that plan to be officially presented to the white house on tuesday. our peter doocy with the news
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live for us in washington. and peter, after all of this task force and that information coming together. do you have any indication that republicans and democrats are finding common ground on gun control? >> harris, both sides said they think it would be wise to figure out some way to prevent the sale of firearms and ammunition to people who are known to be mentally ill and dangerous, but actually implementing that idea has already been a source of intense debate and so has talks about enhancing background checks. >> should we look at improving our background check system? i'm willing to listen to what proposals come forward on that, but again, i don't know that that would stop what happened in newtown and i think we need to be very thoughtful in how we go forward with what happens and make sure that whatever is done actually is a solution to the problem. >> former mississippi governor haley barber summarized the general republican argument against strict gun control this morning, on meet the
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press, by saying simply, that if you make it a crime to have a gun, only criminals will have guns. >> harris: what about all the talk about a potential bill to ban assault weapons being introduced? where do we stand on that? >> reporter: harris, we heard this morning, that two democratic senators, dianne feinstein from california and richard blumenthal from connecticut plan to introduce that soon and freshman senator chris murphy, a democrat from connecticut who attended several funerals for sandy hook elementary students before he was sworn in said he will support that legislation and told us more about it. >> it's a tighter ban than the previous ban. and it will address high capacity magazines, but the fact is that as soon as we pass that ban, back in the 1990's, the gun manufacturers found a way around it and other states, like new jersey and california, have passed much stricter bans and that's what the congress needs to do. >> the task force, led by
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vice-president joe biden is not expect today release their recommendations for he reducing gun violence until tuesday, and biden said this week, president obama could use an executive order to implement some safety measures, but this morning, republican senator lindsey graham said that an executive order like that would run into bipartisan opposition in the congress. >> harris? >> yeah, and as sources said, peter, much like the fight we saw against an executive order or any push there about on health care in this country. peter doocy, thank you very much. let's continue now, gun control is just one item on what is shaping up to be, what some say a very ambitious agenda for president obama's second term. the president of course, sworn in a week from today in a private ceremony, the public inauguration a week from tomorrow, from cabinet positions to the debt ceiling, and immigration reform. jennifer griffin takes a look at the president's agenda ahead. >> harris, first there will be the confirmation battle, some
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will be bruising, none more so than the president's pick for defense secretary, chuck hagel. those hearings could start as early as this week we're told by senate sources and the white house mounted a vigorous defense and hagel says his record on israel, iran and gays in the military has been distorted and the senate armed services committee, kelly ayotte says what worries her most is the reaction from iran. >> what i want to make sure is that iran is actually not hopeful, but they're fearful, as r ult of our nominee from the secretary of perspective. >> former chairman of joint chiefs and secretary of state colin powell gave his backing to hagel today then though then senator hagel was one of the largest critics of the iraq war, a war that powell helped sell to the american people. and hagel later tried to stop the surge in iraq, calling it the biggest foreign policy blunder since vietnam. >> superbly qualified based on his overall record, based on his service to the country,
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based on how he feels about troops and veterans and families. >> reporter: the president is gearing up for a fight on three key issues, gun control, budget cuts and ill grayinmmigr reforms. and he's like i to get with marco rubio creating a path to citizenship for the current 12 million illegal immigrants, harris. >> harris: jennifer griffin, thank you very much. now to the ongoing fight of the flu, the centers for disease control and prevention calling it an epidemic, people taking precautions and the lines long for the clinic in massachusetts and waiting to get their flu vaccines in the boston area, and declared a public health emergency as you may know last week and in nebraska a similar scene with hundreds of people lining up to get their shots. health officials saying it does make a difference. >> and every day you had a flu shot, you're better protected
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than the day before and you never know when you're going to, you know, cross that nasty virus and it could be a problem for you. >> harris: there are a lot of other ways to be careful, so say the experts. one man in north carolina taking no chances even when it comes to putting gas in his car. >> i never thought about the gas pumps, but everybody is touching is so i could imagine it would be pretty dirty. you know, you never know what you're getting in contact with. everyday things you run into. >> harris: wow. pretty soon won't be able to touch anything. the flu widespread in 47 states all except california, hawaii and mississippi at this point. anna kooiman has been on the story for us from the new york city news room. what's the latest. >> reporter: harris, in years past once the flu was in the the headlines, there's often a run on flu vaccine and this year's strain. h-3 n-2 is nasty making people sicker longer. hospitals around the country have seen spikes in
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flu-related admissions and death. and public health officials say some places are experiencing shortages and patients having to wait on shipments to come in. >> as of yesterday evening, 123 flu vaccine and right now, i think we have one or twoleft . >> this is a sign of how bad the flu is, the epidemic right now is, you know, crazy. >> reporter: but physicians are urging americans to be persistent because vaccine is available and now is the time to get the shot, according to the centers of disease control and prevention, or c.d.c., the vaccine is 62% effective in preventing flu and takes two weeks to work. and designed to not only help patients vaccinated, but fewer people are out contagious and spreading the virus around and some hospitals are telling workers they must get the flu shot and some people have lost their jobs over refusing to do so. harris, nearly 130 million doses of flu vaccine have been
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distributed and so far shall at least 112 million have been used. >> harris: well, anna, you saw the gentleman at the gas station, be careful what you touch and critics have been slapping us in the media saying we're hyping the flu, but doctors say, it actually is helping to get the word out and the public is responding. >> right, public health officials are saying the media has helped raise awareness to the common population, to the very young, very old and those with underlying conditions are most at risk. and they also tend to visit the doctor more. and get their shots during other scheduled visits. >> and so, i think you can see looking around, many of the patients were coming in today, although not all of them, are younger folks who have heard on the news or seen in their community, healthy people are getting the flu and getting protected. >> physicians caution everyone to wash their hands often and disinfect surfaces like computers and cell phones and easily spread on planes and trains, escalators and atm and
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the handle at the gas pump like we saw the man in north carolina being ever so careful about. >> harris: anna, kooiman, thank you very much. president george h.w. bush could soon go home from the hospital. a spokesperson saying he will be able to be discharged this coming week and take it go one day at a time. after comments his son, former florida governor jeb bush made during an interview, saying he believes his dad will be released from the hospital as early as tomorrow. the former president was admitted in late november for treatment of a bronchitis related cough. right now, new word, actually within the past hour, that our military provided limited support today to a commando raid overseas and the white house now confirming, u.s. combat aircraft entered somalia's air space, while a european ally conducted a hostage rescue operation that did not go according to plan. we'll have more as we learn it for you tonight. and also, with our hearts still so heavy from the
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tragedy in newtown, connecticut, new questions facing the people of that community. what to do with the elementary school, where 20 children and six adults were murdered. tonight, the options now being weighed. stay close. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. diarrhea, gas, bloating?
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into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. >> just in we're getting confirmation from the the white house shall the u.s. assisted france in a failed hostage rescue attempt inside somalia. french special forces went in on friday to rescue a man held captives by terrorists for year. 17 terrorists and a french soldier reportedly killed, as well as the hostage. president obama telling congress in a letter that our military provided quote, limited technical support, and
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a number of american combat aircraft were in somalia air space for a short period of time. meanwhile, france calling an emergency meeting of the u.n. national security council to talk about their military action again al-qaeda affiliated terrorist ins western africa, as we get reports of the u.s. stepping in and providing the french military in that with communications, and transportation support. france, upping its military campaign in mali, hundreds of troops on the ground there as of yesterday. as french aircraft carry out air strikes, bombings, suspected terrorist camps and warehouses and islamic terror groups currently have control of a huge chunk of mali's northern territory and french leaders say action is needed to keep it from being the new hub of terror activity in north africa. new word from an airline who says their dreamliner aircraft is experienced repeated problems. japan airlines reporting this plane had a fuel leak in
4:17 pm
boston last week, sprung another leak today. boeing 787 dreamliner losing more than 26 gallons of fuel, during a routine pre-flight check and one of the boeing's top customers is having trouble, major trouble, fuel leak, cracked cockpit window and here in the united states, as you may know, federal regulators asked for review of design and assembly of the 200 million dollar aircraft. well, thousands of people gathering today to mark one year since the doomed italian cruise ship, costa concordia ran aground off the the coast. it began with a memorial service off the site of the ship wreck and asking that only families of the 32 victims who died and survivors attended a catholic mass in the town where they spent the night after the rescue. and the bishop leading that
4:18 pm
mass and honoring rescue crews who spent hours evaluating more than 4,000 passengers on that sinking ship. meanwhile, the costa concordia remains stuck where it sank, a few hundred feet off the shore. and salvage teams saying more time and money will be needed before they can move it safely. after months of falling, gasoline prices are headed right back north. the average for a gallon of regular gas now, regular unleaded in the lower 48 states shooting up 7 cents in the past three weeks, that's according to a new lundberg survey that came out today. an average of 3.32. crude oil prices jumped in recent weeks as well. triggering higher prices at the pump. the survey also showed people on long island and new york, shelling out the most to fill up, $3.75 on average there. meanwhile, people in salt lake city utah enjoy the lowest price for it, their average, 3.04. well, this former dictator faced a life sentence for ordering the can i go of hundreds of protesters during
4:19 pm
an uprising in cairo. now an egyptian appeals court has overturned that ruling. that's him right there in a gurney. what could that decision mean for hosni mubarak's future? also, an armed man runs into a movie neither. police follow. the eyewitness accounts of the chaos that ensued. [ coughs ] [ breathes deeply, wind blows ] [ male announcer ] halls. let the cool in. by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> pure chaos, they say. when police shoot an armed suspect hiding inside a crowded san diego movie theater. police say it all started when he the suspect got into a fight with his girlfriend in the parking lot across the street.
4:23 pm
the girl's manager saw what was going on, and called 911 as the suspect took off he went into the theater. officer eventually tracking him down after searching that multiplex room by room. a witness describing what happened as they entered. >> i heard two shots and i went to the floor, and then i went out of the back of the theater and we saw police running around. >> witnesses say the armed suspect never threatened any movie goers. police shot him twice in the arm and chest. tonight, he's hospitalized. remember the revolution in egypt to kick out their back in headlines and the egypt ruled for a new trial for mubarak. he was virtually bedridden during the first trial last year, found guilty of failing to prevent the death of dozens of protesters, and dozens of
4:24 pm
pro mubarak supporters cheered as the announcement about a new trial was made, holding up his portrait, shouting long live justice. connor powell tracking the developments from our mideast news room. >> harris, after nearly two years of constant turmoil. egyptian politics have taken another strange turn. just last june, the 84-year-old former president and chief of security were convicted of failing to prevent the killing of hundreds of protesters and today that conviction has been overturned. there were loud cries of joy in the courtroom as the judge issued the acquittal. mubarak supporters celebrated the ruling both inside the courtroom and outside the building, shouting long live justice. defense lawyers argue that mubarak didn't know about the killings. the judge agreed, both men will be retried along with several others who were previously acquitted. no date has been set for the new trial.
4:25 pm
mubarak will remain in jail for the time being, currently facing corruption charges. just a few months ago, mubarak was reportedly near death and suffered a fall, but his current health status is unknown right now. egyptian politics have been violent and chaotic for the last two years since the former strongman was forced from power and today's ruling will do little to calm the the situation. harris. >> harris: connor, thank you. a new twist in cyber warfare to tell you about. cyber attackers are start to go get a taste of their own medicine. how it's being done and who is doing the work? we'll tell you. plus, thousands of people protesting in the streets of moscow. they have a message for president vladimir putin after his decision to prevent persons from adopting russian orphans. and it's been three years since an earthquake devastated haiti. so many people lost their lives. and people there are still very much affected by the catastrophe. our own greta van susteren has been involved in the relief
4:26 pm
effort. she will talk with us about it after the break. stay close. right in the old bucket. good toss! see that's much better! that was good. you had your shoulder pointed, you kept your eyes on your target. let's do it again -- watch me. just like that one... male announcer ] the durability of the volkswagenassat. pass down something he will be grateful for. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ back to you. [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance.
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and i sea food differely. >> buildings disappearing in the skyline. the problem? smog. this is the scene in beijing, people are told to stay indoors.
4:29 pm
david piper from thailand. >> the chinese capital is terrible for pollution and today was one of the worst ever and the smog seems to envelopethe city making it dangerous to go outdoors. they're recommending that children and elderly stay indoors. despite the danger, beijing streets were fairly busy today. people of course get used to the smog, but i know friends who live there and when the clouds come down they try to stay home and switch on the air purifiers. the pollution figures are staggering, in the amount of small particulates and they surpass, micrograms. and to put that in context. safe for 25 micrograms. there's controversy whether the findings that the chinese authorities give out are accurate or trying to
4:30 pm
understate the problem. the u.s. embassy publishings its own data on twitter and commented today hourly readings were quote, beyond index. and the highest number on the data was equivalent of a massive 886 micrograms per cubic meter. now, people there were saying the air was fine a few days ago, but the smog often descends when there's no wind and china's rapt industrialization is the factor, the growing car population and people using more heating oil during the winter spells, increases the problem and the beijing center is saying that smog won't lift until at least tuesday. back to you. >> harris: david, thank you. i'm harris falkner and this is the fox report, if you're just joining us at the bottom of the hour, tonight, the debate on gun control is heating up with the national rifle association speaking loud and clear what it will do to
4:31 pm
protect your rights to bear arms in this country. n.r.a. president david king saying the group is ready for a fight of words and is confident they have the support to keep an assault weapons ban from getting through congress. practice makes perfect. hundreds of people taking part in a practice run of president obama's inauguration and parade. the president, to be sworn in, a private ceremony a week from today. a public ceremony a week from tomorrow. and a california town dealing with some very extreme cold temperatures right now. some of the areas seeing highs only in the 20's there. but some good news as we get word that the state citrus crop will avoid major damage. experts tell us. we'll have much more on the wild weather coming up in a few minutes, with meteorologist maria molina. tonight marks exactly three years ago, an earthquake hit haiti and took out nearly every structure in certain sections of that country. and it took lives, 250,000
4:32 pm
people killed. it left so many more homeless. today, haiti is still in crisis mode with some 350,000 people living in camps. and all that money that was promised is somehow not getting there. we're told not even half of the 5 billion dollars pledged by donors have been delivered. and still, progress is being made. most of the rubble from the collapsed building is gone and they built more than 80 schools. among those dedicated to seeing haiti rise again, fox news channel's own greta van susteren, she traveled to haiti in the aftermath of the quake and returned many times and greta put on a special report on haiti and airs tonight. and here is a clip. >> there is a special home. >> take a look behind me, this is, these kids have absolutely nothing two years ago.
4:33 pm
>> and because of the work and contributions of many you, samaritan's purse, volunteers, reverend graham, they now have this magnificent facility here, greta home and academy and they have everything here. >> harris: well, now we have a chance to talk with my friend, greta about her experience and the great work being done to rebuild that country. greta, you're with us by phone tonight. >> i am, and boy, as i looked at that clip there's he nothing more fun than opening that school and so many people helped to make that school is reality for those kids. it's wild. these kids have a chance that nobody else does, 80 kids, they each have a computer, they're loved, they are he' educated, they've got a hurricane proof building, an earthquake proof building and this is -- i hope people watch this at ten o'clock because this is one of those small times when you're like, you see everybody working together and there's real hope, a real
4:34 pm
chance. >> harris: while you and i talk a bit. they put up some scenes from haiti from december 2010 on until now. you have seen so much there. it's touched you personally. tell us a little about your journey and really, in the past couple of years, what you've seen? >> well, when i first got there literally hitchhiked on a plane, a military plane with secretary of state hillary clinton went down and our colleagues were sleeping on the tarmac at the airport when i arrived and unbelievable the devastation and went around in helicopters later and looked at buildings and just pancaked on top of each other and more than a million people were displaced and went to the displaced person camps, this is' no law and order, there's raped and crime, women get pregnant and abandon the babies and incidentally some of the babies are in the greta home and academy and now have a chance. and this is pure hell on earth, but the, you know, and i know there's a lot of money wasted, but when you give to certain organizations and incredible volunteers and heart and soul an every
4:35 pm
section of their life, you can see what can be done. so, you know, it's easy to be very discouraged, but if you just grab on to the glimmers of hope, it's inspiring. >> harris: you and i have known each other for a number of years and i've seen you cover so many stories and i don't want to make you blush, but you have an enormously large heart. but with all the stories you've seen, this one in particular moved you so much. many countries promising to help, but you're saying, really it's come down to just a few. >> well, yeah, i mean, this is right next door to us, this is haiti and implications for the united states, but when you go down and see the kids that come into the greta home and academy, they never had a set of clothes until they showed up at our orphanage, and anybody down there would have a big heart or sent in a dollar anyplace has a big heart and thrills me, i'm lucky, harris, i'm lucky where i have a job and put the spotlight on this stuff i know
4:36 pm
people like reverend franklin graham and i'm lucky to be a part of their project. anytime anybody helps, just one little thing, i can tell you it goes far, you know, it's very exciting and very thrilling and i'm just really lucky i can be able to help. >> harris: you know, i'm curious to know the length of the process now. because, it's been more than two years already. what are we looking at in terms of real dedication and seeing things really turn around in that country? >> well, it's-- look, there's so much corruption in the government it's easy i can tell you the grim story and say this is hopeless and this is an uphill battle. and if you see at ten o'clock tonight you'll see a lot of our guests will say, what an uphill challenge this is, battle it is, and that there's so much corruption and why this is one project to sink my teeth in, greta home and academy and you can't come in another country and change them. they have to change from within. it's a slow progress and it may be whimsical to think
4:37 pm
that, but we want to help give them a chance so they can grow up and take responsibility and lead their country. if you go through haiti, it took us three hours to drive 15 miles, and you say, my god, could it be true, the way they're living, all on top of each other and you see such destruction and see chaos, so, it seems almost impossible, but you have to sort of stop, take a deep breath and well, at least i want to try to help and at least we ought to try and can't just turn our backs. >> harris: before i let you go, people are watching this video and listening to you talk, yo talk, they're seeing former president's clinton and bush, and not to bring politics into it, but you can't miss it when you see presidents from the opposite side of the political rile working together. >> in washington we fight and politically, when you get out of washington and have a real problem, and the people join together, it doesn't matter
4:38 pm
who you are, what party you are, where you're from. this country has a rich history of helping people and when it gets really bad, you know, i want the americans help me see what they can do and the a perfect example, it doesn't matter who you are, what your background is, everyone wants to help. >> you know, and people watch this special tonight, greta and tell them more about it when they can tune in. americans will look at this and wonder, okay, what is it that we as a country can do? is there a list? >> there's so much, so many places in the world, and a lot of things people can do in their community to help, help in your own community. and this is obviously one of my projects, and you know, and so i do it-- the ones who did the heavy lifting is reverend franklin graham and samaritan's purse and for the greta home and academy. go to samaritans and donate if you want to this project and streamline for this project and believe me, i mean, you know, when you see
4:39 pm
the videos and when you see tonight's special you'll see why i'm so enthusiastic about it, but you know, the thing is, there's no shortage of places for people to give money even in this country and if people get addicted to helping, helping is fun. it's contagious, whether it's in your own community or haiti or someplace else. i just encourage people, get out and do something, because it's a blast to help other people. >> harris: greta van susteren, thank you. i've asked them to pop up samaritans and i'll tweet it, as a live report. thank you. >> nice talking to you, see you, harris. >> harris: don't miss the on the record special, rebuilding haiti with greta van susteren, airs at 10 p.m. on fox news channel. now, renewed focus on cyber warfare and you might know that some of the bank's computers took a hit a few days ago, we're told the attack came from iran. what about other companies, not just banks. new tonight, the push on
4:40 pm
hiring cyber security consultants and dominic di-natale looking into the story for us. >> reporter: this is under press scrutiny because of iran's denial it cyber attacked u.s. institutions. and 90% of americans infrastructure is owned by private companies and looking to help in protection of responsibility. and highly specialized security consultants, take a list listen. >> while it's the fbi that has the executive order to lead the defense against cyber terrorism from foreign states, some private companies are looking for attacks on their own and consulting firms come in. >> this happens every day, when adversaries come in and steal everything. >> and what they fear is the intellect. weapons, to stealth bombers and computer chips, and secret recipes and feed the wrong
4:41 pm
information to the hackers, confusing them. >> you can really start to change the table and bring some pain to the them. >> the idea to prevent attacks like the one iran has believed to have sprung on banks. >> most of these attack from machines, users home machines compromised by viruses or other malicious code that's been downloaded from websites, that's a major problem, harris. the risk there, millions of machines in all of our homes could be used to strike against our own country, harris. >> harris: all right. thank you very much, good to see you. people in one town can expect an extra headache trying it get to work tomorrow. take a look at why. that's an overpass that came crashing down, very inconvenient on the commute. and a gentle swim with some friendly dolphins. how this is helping our brave soldiers recover from their
4:42 pm
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4:45 pm
26 people died at the school. 20 of them children. right now, sandy hook students and teachers have been relocated to another nearby school as we've been reporting. and in the wake of the shootings there, a local newspaper in connecticut report ago spike in requests for gun permits and tells the new haven register, number of permit requests have more than doubled. and similar situations are playing out in at least three other connecticut towns. nationwide, gun dealers say they've seen a dramatic increase in the demand for guns. a plane goes down in a suburban neighborhood and leaves a charred crater in the ground. it's our top story on this fox trip across america. florida that small single engine plane had just taken off from a nearby airport and could not get enough altitude. this is sarasota. one man to help, just as a passer climbed out of the
4:46 pm
wreckage. that survivor was on fire. >> i yelled at him get away and get down. and roll around. and he didn't have a whole lot of clothes left by that point, just a pair of underpants. >> no word what caused the crash. >> washington state, a highway overpass collapses in tacoma. crews were in the process of demolishing it when a chunk of the road suddenly came crashing down and the accident puncturing a water main to nearby homes and a busy road will be closed while crews clean up the mess. back to the sunshine state, injured soldi enjoying swim with dolphins near key west, a new therapy to help them recover. >> i know they've got service dogs, but to be with dolphins, they're there to play with you and chill out and very rewarding. >> before the swims, the soldiers pedalled across a
4:47 pm
seven mile bridge, the longest of the bridge connecting the florida keys. >> minnesota caught on tape. a military dad surprising his family. look carefully, he was dressed as the goalie in the hockey game. >> what are you doing? >> the air force captain reuniting with his wife and three children after serving in afghanistan for the past eight months and that's a fox watch across america. >> more dramatic in the nfl playoffs this weekend. and an episode of, i don't know, pick a city. angry house wives. i can't wait for sports. stay with us. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is.
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>> we're rolling so closer to
4:51 pm
the super bowl and this weekend's game did not disappoint. and at work today in atlanta where the falcons played their he elimination round against the seattle seahawks, you cover the game play by play. i thought that atlanta was running the table and then something woke the seahawks up. >> yeah, you know, still in atlanta where the celebrating is going on for falcons fans harris, a 20-0 deficit. en russell wilson, down 14-0 and led them back to victory and took the lead, the seahawks did with 31 seconds left with the atlanta falcons into the next round, the championship game where they will host and a big win for matt ryan, his first career playoff victory and that's important, because he was drafted in the first round to kind of resurrect the falcon franchise after michael vick had the disastrous mess that took them downward. and we're looking at the
4:52 pm
winning field goal. and the nfc championship is set. and the 9ers handled green bay last night. what kind of matchup are we talking about here? >> a good regional matchup. southeast and then the falcons and atlanta against the west coast and 49ers. jim harbaugh has a second year quarterback, colin kaepernick who ran the ball well and as a starter, and some people thought it was a foolish gamble, but worked so far, he obviously can throw the ball as well and then, you have the falcons who will be at home and i have to say it was the noiseiest i heard the georgia dome in years and they encouraged fans to make noise and maybe an advantage for the falcons when they play host to the 49ers, who were very physical defensive team and they were in last year's championship game before falling to the giants and giants went on to win the super bowl. >> quickly, before we move on. you talk about kaepernick for the 49ers, he kind of took, and i watched a lot of the green bay game and took aaron rogers by surprise, but almost
4:53 pm
schooled him with his ability to run all over the field. and how does he match up with matt ryan? >> well, it's a very different quarterback. because matt ryan is a pocket quarterback and has the receivers and julio jones and ronnie white at tight end tony gonzalez to do it. and the 49ers are more of a running team and they can throw the ball, but in the era of running quarterbacks and we saw atlanta defense russell wilson rather well and kaepernick tore up the packers running the ball and didn't make the defensive adjustment and falcons have to make at that adjustment and prepare for kaepernick running probably first before him throwing otherwise won't be able to pull off the win. >> they were man on man coverage and almost got to cover him like running back with two guys on him. i have the big board, everybody can't see it because i'm sneaking and watching the game, chris. houston against new england, 41-28 a minute '09 left in the
4:54 pm
quarter and if they can tie it up with a huge points spread and can't imagine that they won't. >> i think we can count and check mark the patriots as host for the afc championship game against baltimore, the team that they hosted last year and that game went down to the wire if not for a missed pass and field goal late in the game, baltimore could have gone on to the super bowl. the ravens have that dramatic upset win against peyton manning and the broncos and matches up well as good as they are and experienced and tom brady, play keep away from brady and joe flacco, a break through year, who has been in the playoffs like matt ryan and advancing further. >> harris: before i let you go, last question, it really is maybe brother against brother, at least it has been through the playoffs to the parents, but they could actually meet each other poe he tensionally and talking john harbaugh and jim harbaugh? >> and now what? harris, we had that possibility last year, and it didn't pan out, but, yes, john
4:55 pm
harbaugh coach of the ravens have to win at new england for baltimore to get into the super bowl down in new orleans and then he would face his brother, jim harbaugh, the 49er head coach comes to atlanta next sunday on fox. and the 49ers at least odds makers are making them the slight favorite. even though they're on the road and john harbaugh the underdog brother up in new england. >> you are the superstar. so there you go. (laughter) >> thanks for being with us tonight. >> football is fun to cover. i don't care who is playing, where they're playing, that was a dramatic game in atlanta, a great finish and more of that the rest of the post season. thanks for having me on harris. >> harris: absolutely, chris meyers, thank you. we move on to something much more serious, the storms hitting our nation's mid section, new pictures of damage coming into fox news now. western kentucky is what we're looking at here. churches, a grain silo and many other structures toppled and that's creeping eastern,
4:56 pm
eastern i should say today. and meteorologist maria molina live from the fox weather center. >> hi, harris, good to see you and that tornado was confirmed in western kentucky with maximum sustained winds, 120 miles per hour that was i believe, hampton county. the storm has produced a confirmed tornado yesterday and now still bro duproducing h rain and isolated with storm system across alabama and new portions of tennessee and kentucky and some of the them could have isolated rotation and producing severe weather, otherwise, another concern is flooding so places recording four or five inches of rain and the storm is slow mover and we'll deal with it into the next several days. >> maria, thanks for watching it for us tonight. appreciate it. >> and thousands of people protesting in moscow. >> it's their reaction to that ban recently on american's adopting all of those orphans who depend on the united
4:57 pm
states to do that. the protesters message to the president. [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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4:59 pm
>> major protests going on right now in russia. thousands marching in moscow. and demonstrators saying that vladimir putin's government is turning orphans into political pawns with the dispute with the united states. the ban took effect january 1st and rushed through parliament in


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